In Cuenca there are several wonderful hospitals that you can attend, for any medical emergency or occasion. In fact, Cuenca is well known in South America for its world class Medical Universities. I/we have been told by others that the Medical Department of the University of Cuenca is one of the very best in all of South America!

There are 3 major hospitals in Cuenca that most Expats attend, if or when the need arises, which are as follows below..

Hospital Universitario del Rio

The University Hospital Hospirio River SA University is an institution that began its run on May 26, 2009, offering quality medical services with the highest standards of technology and human resources that are available in Ecuador.

Among the services available to the Hospital Inpatient areas are generally Pediatric Hospitalization, Surgical Unit, Adult Intensive Care Unit, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Pediatric Intensive Care, and automated clinical laboratory, microbiology laboratory, (the hospital has a 1.6 Tesla magnetic resonator), gastroenterology service, retail pharmacy among others, detailed later.

Hospital Monte Sinai

In 1990 a group of highly experienced medical professionals and administrative professional, planned the creation of a private facility capable of providing health services to Cuenca and the Southern region, providing it with the latest technology, but more importantly for this medical group was the provide the country with something that its inhabitants deserve “quality and efficiency in health care.” Monte Sinai is a private hospital and it has modern and comprehensive medical services which are at affordable prices .

Hospital Santa Ines

The idea of the Santa Ines hospital was established 44 years ago by a group of medical specialist who wanted to ensure the best professional service for its people. It was a dream come true. After being officially granted permission by the Ministry Of Health to practice as a hospital in 1995 the hospital upgraded its facilities in many areas but was renowned for its open-heart surgery and cardiac catheterization. The hospital prides itself for its 365 days a year trauma care unit. Many of the medical professionals today are at the forefront of medical facilities in Ecuador and abroad.