Health Insurance / $$$ Savings

As part of the provided “Residency Visa” service that our office fully handles on your behalf from here in Ecuador (including via our Florida Administrative Office if needed/desired), we assist you FOR FREE to enroll in any desired Ecuador Health Insurance option that you choose (i.e. Ecuador's IESS Program or Private Health Insurance), and we also once again FOR FREE assist you in opening any desired Ecuadorian Bank Accounts (even before you come to Ecuador if you wish), as well as the same for any family members of yours who are/may be moving to Ecuador with you now or at any time in the future. Also, for those coming/moving to Cuenca specifically, our office can at ZERO COST to coordinate it in advance of your arrival with all of your luggage, assist you with having an English speaking Taxi Mini-Van pick you up at Guayaquil Airport with a white sign holding your printed name on it to take you to Cuenca (the independent English speaking taxi man charges $140 TOTAL for your total party’s [all travelers combined TOGETHER] cost of the transport from Guayaquil to Cuenca and includes all your luggage with any pets and there is no need to tip taxis in Ecuador), AND also at ZERO COST assist you in booking a Cuenca Hostel or Hotel AND at ZERO COST help you in locating a short term or long term apartment/condo rental for you in Cuenca, and at ZERO COST assist you in finding any desired property purchase/building of your home (including English speaking architects/constructors/roofers to make renovations if/when desired), and at ZERO COST help you to find private English speaking dentists/doctors for your Ecuador dental care and your healthcare in Ecuador, and facilitate any desired US or Ecuador accounting work via our CPA Accountant (for any possible Ecuadorian business related taxes as well as for any personal US federal income taxes or US FBAR $10,000+ foreign bank account disclosure if/when applicable).