US Apostilles / Documents Ordering

If for ANY reason you are not able or not wanting to self-order your required US documents or the applicable Apostilles of your US documents, then alternatively in the case that you can't or don’t wish to order them, we work with a very competent Agent in Sarasota, Florida, who serves as a “Documents/Apostille Servicer” and as well is the Operations Manager of our Florida administrative office, and so in us also then acting as “Documents/Apostille Servicer” upon your request, our Agent can as a separate matter from that of any visa/legal service(s) provided by our office here in Ecuador, for a total cost of $150 per US document and/or for $150 per Apostille, efficiently and professionally order your required US Documents and/or US Government Apostilles and State Apostilles for you, plus at a $0 additional charge for the Fedex shipping of ALL documents on behalf of our clients, we're also able to have any and all of our clients’ US Documents and/or Apostilles sent directly back to our Ecuador office on our clients’ behalves, exactly as stated above, for a $0 additional cost relative to the Fedex shipping of your US Documents and/or US Apostilles back to Ecuador, if you so choose to also separately utilize our US Documents/US Apostille service for the ordering of any or all of your required US documents and/or Apostilles, respectively.